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How To Launch A Side Hustle Business Even If You Have A Job

by Martin Dasko & Sahil Mulla | DYEH Podcast

The Tools Discussed In This Episode

Show Notes & Episode Guide

  •  00:00 – 1:27. Quick introduction of today’s topic.
  • 1:27 – 2:51. Martin brings up a side business that turned into a billion dollar entity. One programmer created a site to hang out with other programmers because he didn’t have any friends in his new community.
  • 2:52 – 4:30. Sahil talks about Harley Davidson. Did you know that this started as a side hustle?
  • 4:31 – 6:40. Martin talks about the myth of going all in. You don’t have to live in a van down by the river to start a business. Never quit your job because of a guy online. It’s okay to have a job on the side.
  • 6:41 – 9:50. The guys talk about never putting all of your eggs into one basket. You should never rely on one source of income. They also discuss the idea of bashing your employer (it’s not cool). Even a “bad job” can have some benefits.
  • 9:51 – 11:25. Martin talks about a friend named Matt, who went from serving coffee to landing a dream job. A side tangent of how a positive attitude can take you a long way. Click Here to read his story
  • 11:26 – 12:25. It’s time to discuss tools. Sahil is a huge fan of Evernote (the tool used to done this).
  • 12:26 – 13:57. Martin has recently gotten into Gumroad. An easy tool for selling online.
  • 13:59 – 14:47. The guys bring up the email delivery systems that they use.
  • 14:48 – 15:28.  The guys go over why these chose to how the podcast on Libsyn.
  • 15:29 – 16:15. Get on Paypal in case you’re not using it yet.
  • 16:16 – 20:11. Some final thoughts on starting a side business. The guys explain the importance of investing in your business and finding that perfect balance. You don’t want to go broke because of your side hustle. Don’t be afraid to learn from others. Watch Dragon’s Den. Martin even brings up one success story.

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