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Interview With Gary Arndt & How He Makes 6 Figures Doing What He Loves

by Martin Dasko & Sahil Mulla | DYEH Podcast

About Gary

gary-arndt-everything-everywhereIn 1998 Gary sold his business to a multinational corporation and they sent him on a whirlwind 3-week tour of their offices in January 1999. As he visited Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Germany, Belgium and the UK, the trip stuck with Gary for years.

In 2004, Gary decided to go back to school and study geology. After seeing the hell that PhD students were going through, the idea of going to graduate school became very unappealing to him.

So, he decided to travel around the world.

It took about 2 years for Gary to tie up all the loose ends he had. Finally, on March 13, 2007, he turned over the keys to his home and never looked back.

If you want to read the show notes, they can be found below.  This interview was a conversation with some interesting questions, and you’ll be surprised by some of the insights Gary shared about Twitter and Instagram. This podcast will definitely change your social media strategy!

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The Important Questions We Asked Gary

  • What kind of equipment (camera) do you use?
  • If you wanted to capture nature (waterfall) vs an animal, what kind of setup would you use?
  • How would you start over again if you had to build your Instagram following from the start?
  • *Note: Gary was at 112k when we conducted the interview. As of December 9th, Gary is at 125k followers.
  • Do you have a personal Instagram?
  • How many shots do you go through in the selection process before deciding a picture is ready for Instagram?
  • Do you have an Instagram posting strategy?
  • What’s your interaction like on Instagram?
  • How do you deal with negative feedback?
  • How many leads do you get off Instagram?
  • How does your Instagram traffic convert?
  • What are your thoughts on Twitter engagement?
  • Did you start your website first?
  • What’s your general business strategy? How do you make money?
  • Are you directly selling anything?
  • How did you overcome your fears before starting your business many years ago?
  • Do you spend any money on Facebook advertising?
  • What tips do you have for new photographers looking to build a following?
  • Would you advise new photographers to start selling their photos immediately?
  • What are the top five cities with the prettiest girls?

Gary Arndt is definitely going to be in our future hustler’s hall of fame.
Total time: 32:43

See some of Gary’s Work Below

A diving Gentoo penguin in Paradise Bay, Antarctica.

A photo posted by Gary Arndt (@everythingeverywhere) on

The amazing view of Horseshoe Bend, Arizona.

A photo posted by Gary Arndt (@everythingeverywhere) on

The ruins of the Valle Crucis Abbey in Llangollen, Wales.

A photo posted by Gary Arndt (@everythingeverywhere) on

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