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Interview With Jon Goodman, Author of Viralnomics

by Martin Dasko & Sahil Mulla | DYEH Podcast


About Jon Goodman

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Jon’s a personal trainer who’s worked with a lot of clients and always loved to read to get a leg up on his competition. As such, he quickly got promoted to senior trainer and became responsible for hiring and growing a team.

After getting frustrated trying to find appropriate resources for trainers, he decided to write his own. The result was Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career. This book has been bought by thousands and used in Colleges and mentorships around the World.

Fast forward to now, Jon has also become an expert on social media marketing, is the founder of The Personal Trainer Development center, and has just released his latest book called Viralnomics: How To Get People To Talk About You.


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  • 0 – 2:15: Catching up with Jon and what he’s been up to over the years
  • 2:20: How Jon managed to hustle 14 hours a day personal training WHILE still starting and running The PTDC
  • 4:30: If you only have a few hours a day to spend on your site, Jon talks about what you should do to MAXIMIZE your effectiveness and get the best ROI on your time spent
  • 7:30: How to monetize your site when you’re first getting started. Also, you’ll learn why Jon started with a book FIRST, then built a site around it to promote it.
  • 12:50: Sahil asks Jon tips on effective networking and how to connect with like minded individuals that already have huge audiences.
  • 14:25: Jon explains why you should GIVE more than you ask. This is a powerful secret and the psychology behind it is brilliant.
  • 14:58: Jon shares a story of how someone did him a favor many years ago and even thought it seems like a small thing, he explains why it was so memorable and left and impact.
  • 16:25: Once your online business is up and running and you have some momentum, Sahil asks Jon what people should do to take things to a whole new level in terms of reach and revenue.
  • 19:00: Why Jon believes Facebook is STILL the best place to promote content, regardless of what others are saying.
  • 20:00: Jon shares the REAL reason to use Facebook – and there is only ONE. This one is powerful because some of you guys spend too much time on it doing silly tasks.
  • 20:30: Jon shares the BEST times to post on Facebook to reach your maximum number of audience.
  • 24:30: Principals that help content go viral and the psychology behind Selective Self Representation
  • 27:00: Jon talks about his new book, Viralnomics and why you should get it.


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