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Jon Medina shares his secrets on how to run a successful CrossFit gym

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

About Jon Medina

Jon was a promising young football player back in the day, but a nasty injury put a stop to his career, leaving him severely depressed leading him to eat his way to 513 pounds! Fast forward many years later, and Jon has turned his life around by dropping over 200 pounds (read his full weight loss story here), competing as an elite powerlifter, and is also the co-owner of Crossfit NAC.

Here’s what you’ll learn from Jon:

  • How he attracts new clients by being a member of other gyms around the area
  • How he retains clients, and keeps them coming back for more
  • The two key factors he looks for in his trainers before hiring them
  • And so much more…

Connect With Jon

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Show Notes

  • 00:00 – 2:45. The guys introduce Jon. The first question is about how Jon ended up joining a Crossfit gym after mocking the idea of this style of training.
  • 2:46 – 4:38. Martin asks Jon about how he ensures that his gym isn’t empty. Jon goes into detail on his training styles and what attracts members into his gym.
  • 4:39 – 6:05. Jon addresses why his power lifting gym isn’t intimidating to new members. You might even find Jon dancing in between workouts to Justin Bieber tunes.
  • 6:06 – 7:55. What kind of changes did Jon have to make to not lose members (hint: some people don’t like to be yelled at). Jon talks about how he has to cater to every client that enters his gym. This could vary based on injuries and personality type.
  • 7:56 – 8:46. What would Jon do if he was starting again? His instant response will surprise you.
  • 8:47 – 11:31. What does Jon look for in his staff? Does he accept trainers who like butt pictures on Instagram all day? Jon tells us how he uses his phone to help clients get the most out of the workout.
  • 11:32 – 12:36. The guys ask Jon about the size of his gym and what he finds to be optimal.
  • 12:37 – 14:27. How does one become a trainer for Jon? You need to listen to this if you want to be a trainer one day. Jon then gives us a quick rant on shortcuts.
  • 14:28 – 18:45. How much weight did Jon lose? How did he get injured? You’re going to want to hear about this freak injury.
  • 18:46 – 19:10. Jon talks about his current steroid use to bring his hormones back to normal.
  • 19:11 – 22:01. What does Jon do when a member wants to leave? Check out what Jon does to attract new members. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by Jon’s strategy for finding new clients. Jon has a rule that he follows when it comes to dealing with competitors.
  • 22:02 – 24:48. Does Jon charge premium rates for his gym? Jon gives us his theory for what he charges. Jon even gives his thoughts on the mono lift.
  • 24:49 – 27:20. How does Jon make his money as a co-owner of a gym? What does Jon look for in potential clients? Jon gives us a quick story about a client success story.
  • 27:21 – 29:19. The guys wrap up the show.

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