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Interview With Jacob McMillen On How To Rank On Google's First Page For Your Favorite Keyword

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

If you’re not on the first page of Google for the keyword that describes your business brand or service, you might as well be hiding under a rock.

Why? Because no one can find you!

That’s why on today’s show we invited copywriter and content marketing expert Jacob McMillen to reveal his secrets on how he helps his clients rank on the first page, time after time. You can literally steal his exact step-by-step process and use it for your website or business by the end of today!

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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • 0:45 – Jacob’s story of how he went to school to become an accountant, hated it, and his journey to become a high-paying copywriter and content marketing expert
  • 3:00 – Jacob describes what a “content mill” is and why you need to avoid ones that will actually TANK your Google rankings instead of helping
  • 4:30 – How Jacob started making $30/hour and the pitch he made to his first employers. If you’re paying attention, this is still good money today for sitting and home with a laptop and writing articles. See how he angled his sell and WHY they decided he was the better choice
  • 5:45 – The problem with being a marketer for law firms because of the massive restrictions they have. If you’re having trouble converting your landing pages, some of the tips shared here could be very valuable.
  • 10:00 – When the “Google” updates came (such as Penguin and Hummingbird), Jacob reveals the one BIG mistake most people made (and the opportunity it created) which you can avoid and take advantage of.
  • 10:25 – The one competitive advantage you can have with your content that doesn’t rely on Google… EVER. And this is what sets Jacob apart from the rest.
  • 10:45 – How Jacob takes on the GIANTS of the industry and beats them at their own competitive phrases simply because of the certain things they miss in the SEO department.
  • 11:20 – The exact process and strategies Jacob would use if he were to help us rank for the key phrase “side hustle”. THIS IS SUPER valuable. Jacob starts his process on the stop and you can literally follow along step-by-step.
  • 12:10 – Why Jacob recommends the tool called Ahrefs
  • 13:20 – Why Jacob stopped using Google planner and why it’s no longer a useful tool for those who are looking to rank for their key words.
  • 16:16 – What matters more, the QUALITY of backlinks or the QUANTITY of backlinks that your site gets? Jacob gives us his thoughts on what works best.
  • 19:40 – Jacob shows us EXACTLY how we can find our competitors, then out-rank them by exploiting the weaknesses in their content, and using it to create an article that Google will deem “more worthy” than the rest. This is absolutely vital. Without this little insight, you will be doing shit loads of work without any success.
  • 23:47 – How to reach out to journalists from Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur magazine etc. and get them to link or share your content. Also, we discuss what they’re really looking for, and how you can be the one source they rely on.
  • 26:32 – Jacob talks about how much time you should spend on PROMOTING your content versus actually writing content. This little tip will completely change the way you run your website or business.
  • 27:30 – We ask Jacob how much it would cost (roughly) if we were to hire him to help us rank for a keyword that we wanted. We’re talking all the bells and whistles so we can sit back and relax while he takes care of the heavy lifting.
  • 31:40 – Jacob shares a story about one of his clients and how he helped them go from $100k/month in revenue to $300k/month simply by advising them on what type of content to create and the quality standards they should aim for. For those that aren’t familiar with online marketing, this is a tremendous return on investment.
  • 34:00 – Jacob reinforces that getting results from SEO is NOT an instant fix or an overnight strategy. It usually takes months for results to start appearing and a year before your top ranking position is permanent, or at least solid enough to hold.
  • 36:05 – Jacob ends off by talking about why he has ZERO worries about sharing his exact strategies and isn’t afraid of losing his “competitive edge” (hint: it has to do with hard work).

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