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Talia Talks Explosive Instagram Growth to Hit Over 150k Followers

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

How to grow your Instagram followingAAre you looking to grow your Instagram following? Talia returns to talk explosive Instagram growth and how she now makes her entire living from Instagram.

“Hashtags are the SEO of Instagram.”

We had Talia on for episode 44 (listen to it here) and her account has grown from 71k followers to 173k followers. Talia not only makes a living from Instagram, but she makes a KILLING!

“Instagram stories are like our favourite TV shows. We always know what’s going to happen.”

What’s in here?

  • Talia talks how she grew from 71k followers to 173k followers in less than a year.
  • The perfect amount of hashtags that you need.
  • We go into how you can make real money from Instagram.
  • Do Instagram stories matter? We jump into the importance of daily stories.
  • What about IGTV? Does it matter?
  • The biggest mistakes that people make on Instagram.
  • Martin gets ROASTED. What’s he doing wrong? Why does his profile suck so much?

Where you can find Talia:

Instagram: @workweeklunch (at over 173k followers and growing).

Website: to work with Talia!

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Show Notes & Episode Guide:

00:00 – 2:14. We welcome Talia to the show (our first ever returning guest). How did she grow from 71k to 150k followers since the last episode?
2:15 – 5:19. How often should you be posting? Do hashtags still matter? We jump into hashtags. Talia talks about putting your hashtags in the comments. You still need 30 hashtags for every post. Talia sometimes uses no hashtags but still does daily stories.
5:20 – 7:29. How do you do line breaks in your posts? We look at different ways to do a line break.
7:30 – 9:50. What’s the deal with captions? Should they be longer or shorter? Talia talks about emotional captions and capturing interest.
9:51 – 11:05. Hashtags are the SEO of Instagram. You have to test them daily in different combinations.
11:06 – 15:25. How long will it take to grow an account? Talia tells Martin what he’s doing wrong with his account. You have to relate what you’re doing in your life to others. What’s obvious to you, isn’t obvious to us. You need to listen to Talia roast Martin’s account.
15:26 – 19:35. What kind of content should you post in stories? Try everything until you get a response. Try to answer all questions in your stories so that people don’t ask you the same stuff over and over. Stories only exist for 24 hours so nothing is boring. Stories are like our favourite TV shows. We always know what’s going to happen. Talia talks about what to do when stories seem repetitive.
19:36 – 22:14. What do you do for story highlights in your profile? What about Instagram TV? Talia drops the harsh truth on IGTV. You need to hear this. Talia talks about the flaws with this new feature. Is it even worth creating new content for this?
22:15 – 24:02. What doesn’t work on Instagram? What are the biggest mistakes that we all make? Talia goes off on hashtags and stories and bios. What’s wrong with Martin’s bio? Talia drops some harsh criticism on Martin’s bio.
24:03 – 29:40. See the issues that Talia has with Martin’s profile. Bios are a huge issue and most people don’t put enough effort into their own description. The Instagram users don’t care about your awards or accolades. They want to know what’s in it for them. Talia then gives her feedback on Sahil’s cheer account. Talia doesn’t hold back on both accounts. Talia digs into the importance of targeting the right people with your account.
29:41 -33:59.  How do you make money from Instagram? The best way to make money is to sell your own stuff. You can also promote products for brands. Unfortunately, you don’t get paid just for being popular on Instagram. You have to find a way to sell your own stuff or you work with companies to promote their work. We then dig into the different wants to make money pushing other products. There are no regulations here so you have to find what works best. Talia talks about how she gets paid per story views.
34:00 – 34:55. What about Instagram ads? Talia reveals how she has never spent any money on ads.
34:56 – End. Has Talia made more than $1,000 in a day? She talks about her subscription product that she promotes to make money. Talia also offers Instagram consulting.

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