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How to keep your gym alive during a global pandemic

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

Sahil is here to tell us what it’s like to run a physical gym during a global pandemic. He shares insights into what it’s like to handle lockdowns and dealing with strict government regulations. 

We discuss how a physical gym can survive this chaos and what it takes to survive. This is a must-listen for all gym owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling


Running a Gym During a Pandemic

Show Notes & Episode Guide

What’s it like to run a gym during a global pandemic?
[00:00 – 2:30] — We open up by talking about how Sahil has managed to run his gym during a global pandemic as our province continues to go in and out of lockdowns. As of this recording, Sahil had to close his gym once again during a lockdown order. Sahil was supposed to have a camp this week.
[2:31 – 5:05] — So what’s it like to run a gym during a global pandemic? Sahil talks about working with the government and what him and his partner had to do to pivot. Sahil looks at the snapshot of running a gym and what it takes. There’s some good news in here. What’s next for the business?
[5:06 – 13:10] –What has Sahil done to survive? Why didn’t he just close down the gym? We look at the current state of affairs with the gym industry in Ontario. What got them through this? What did Sahil and Sam do to make the gym more profitable? Sahil shares what it took to get members to commit to a new payment structure so that they could survive and even become profitable. We look at one secret for staying profitable. Sahil also touches upon his refund policy that helped with customer confidence.
[13:11 – 15:43] — We turn the conversation to making money when your gym income goes to zero while expenses remain exactly the same. What are you supposed to do in this scenario? How did they turn to digital content to make money? You have to listen to what the team at Sahil’s gym did.
[15:44 – 19:45] — The discussion turns to the importance of pivoting online and creatign content for social media. We look at the content strategy that they followed for content that drives revenue. What are the best social media platforms? How is the team working together to create content?
[19:46 – 24:20] — How do the start and stop of lockdowns impact a business? You’re open for two weeks and then suddenly you have to close down again. The zones in Ontario are pretty confusing but somehow Sahil managed to navigate. Sahil shares a story about how you can be creative. As annoying at this is, it’s about survival.
[24:21 – 26:20] — Sahil gets into the safety requirements involved with running a gym during this global pandemic. How did they follow all protocols? We look into due diligence.
[26:21 -Close] — At what point, does one just give up? Sahil talks about dealing with the government and what it takes to run a business during this chaotic time in history.

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