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How to escape lockdowns by creating a digital income

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

Could you imagine escaping the cold for the entire winter? Could you see yourself living on the beach in January? This is exactly what Martin did as he escaped the never-ending lockdowns in Ontario to live in Mexico. This episode is all about the importance of building side hustles and what you can do when you’re fed up with your life. 

The guys discuss the following in this episode:

  • How to build a digital income that leads to freedom.
  • How to plan an escape (the exact logistics involved).
  • How do you book a room and everything else?
  • A behind-the-scenes look at staying productive when you’re not at home.
  • Why RIGHT NOW is the best time in history to start a side hustle or to build some sort of a digital income.
  • How to stay productive when locked down in quarantine.

The past year has been challenging for everyone. It’s more important than ever to take your life into your own hands. It’s time for you to get control of your life so that you can live on your own terms.


How to escape lockdown life

How to Escape Ontario Lockdown

Where could you find more?


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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • [00 – 4:39] — The guys open the show by talking about how Martin was able to leave Canada during the never-ending lockdowns. Martin opens up about the struggles of trying to live downtown during a lockdown. Toronto has been locked down since October so Martin had to take action. He shares what brought him to the brink of leaving Toronto to head towards Mexico. This has been the best opportunity to pivot.
    [4:40 -7:14 ] — Will Martin leave the winter every single year? What’s the plan here? The guys talk about the 4-Hour Workweek and the role of working for yourself. Is this the best lifestyle out there? There are many unknowns.
    [7:15 -11:20 ] — How valuable are side hustles now? Should you be working on your own projects? Should you be putting the pressure on the gas pedal? The guys look at the ground work that you should be putting in with a side business. The guys look at the importance of not giving up and why right now is the best time in history to be launching/creating. What were the blessings that came from the pandemic? What were the positives? There’s a sidebar about the quarantine life adjustment and how different life is now.
    [11:21 – 15:28] — What would the guys do if everything were to fail? This is the best time in history to launch that new venture. The guys discuss the importance of reading and learning new skills right now to get through this chaos. You can learn so much right now. It’s amazing what spending some time on a project can do for you. This free time can help you immerse yourself into a project right now.
    [15:29 – 19:19] — What was the daily routine like in Mexico? Martin shares what it’s like to find a place and how to find units to live in. It’s easier than ever to move across the world. There are secrets to finding a good deal when you’re on the road. Then the guys get into the daily expenses of living in Mexico. Your daily expenses will depend on you.
    [19:20 – 23:11] — What was the working routine like in Mexico? Martin shares how he would spend his days. Then the guys talk about saving money and the finances involved in moving abroad. Do you have to make money online? How do you make money down there? The guys look at job boards and how to make money. The trick is to just show up. The guys then riff on the idea of being over-prepared and planning out the details.
    [23:12 -24:51] — What’s the deal with cell phones? How can anyone communicate while in Mexico or living abroad? How do you communicate with the outside world?
    [24:52 – 29:19] — Why even return from an adventure like this? The guys talk about the logistics of returning to Canada and what it takes to get back in. They look at the testing and whole quarantine situation.  The discussion turns to the current state of affairs in Canada.
    [29:20 –  END] — How do you stay productive? What do you do when you’re locked down? Martin looks at what you can still control. The trick is not to consume so much negativity. If you watch the news all day and consume junk, you’re going to feel like crap. Everything starts off with what you consume.

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