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How Renterii Can Help You Make Extra Money On The Side (Ep 61)

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

What do you do when you see an opportunity in the marketplace that’s ripe for disruption? You gather a small crew of hustlers and launch an app that tackles this opportunity head-on! That’s exactly what Steven Maxted did with an app called Renterii.

It allows people to make money by leveraging assets they already have lying around the house. It’s simple, easy to use and dare we say, brilliant! So if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and wondering what it takes to start an app business OR you want to know how you can bank $30k in a single summer with Renterii, you’ll definitely want to tune into this episode. So smash that play button and let’s get started!

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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • [1:25] — Steven talks about how Renterii modernizes the rental industry and where they are innovating
  • [5:00] — What most people are currently using Renterii for and where the company started
  • [6:40] —  Sahil asks Steven about Renterii’s current business model and how they actually make money!
  • [9:10] — How Renterii will incorporate a system to ensure trust worthy individuals don’t take advantage of people’s property
  • [9:45] — Steven talks about how Renterii ensures people’s property so no one runs away with your stuff!
  • [12:40] — Martin asks Steven how people can get started TODAY with Renterii and start making money
  • [15:00] — Steven reveals how students can pocket $30k over a summer with Renterii if they’re ready to hustle with this ONE piece of equipment
  • [16:10] — Sahil asks Steven how he plans on handling competition with other short-term rental apps such as Turo, AirBnB etc.
  • [19:45] — Sahil asks Steven how they run the entire company remotely! 
  • [23:00] — Renterii is looking for interns and Steven talks about what they need in terms of help. So if you’ve got skills, be sure to reach out to them!
  • [26:20] — We ask Steven how Renterii is currently getting customers (organic, paid etc.)
  • [29:00] — Steven talks about how they handle normal “wear and tear” on certain types of equipment so that renters don’t get annoyed
  • [30:20] — Steven talks about how you can reach out to him and that’s a wrap!


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