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Learn to close 9 out of 10 prospects with this simple sales formula (S.E.X.Y)

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

Whether you’re new to sales or an experienced veteran who can consistently get people to pull out their credit card ready to buy, I’ve realized that there are two key components that every sales process or system needs to have in order to actually deliver results.

These two components are: Memory & Comfort.

Or to put it another way: The best sales system (or formula) is the one you can actually remember and the one you’re comfortable using with an actual human being, out in the field (online or offline). 

sexy sales formula

If either of those two things are missing, it won’t matter what fancy system you use or which sales guru you’ve trained under — you will simply come across as weird, needy or pushy. Which means you will likely lose the sale!

I know this, because I’ve trained under many of the popular sales experts, read plenty of sales books and done hundreds of lives sales calls, business deals and role play sessions to improve my sales skills.

And while all of that experience was valuable, I always found that at some point I would either forget the complicated steps of the system that I paid good money for, or if I did remember, I’d feel awkward using it in a real life scenario.

Enter The S.E.X.Y Sales Formula

This is something I developed on my own when I was the co-owner of a sports facility and it solved the two major problems I mentioned (at least for me and how I’m wired).

First, it was easy to remember. I mean honestly, who in the World can’t remember the word “sexy”?

Secondly, because of the nature of the steps and the priority it places on each one, I was 100% comfortable using it. It didn’t feel weird to go from the “S” to the “E”. Or go from the “E” to the “X”.

So let’s jump into each of the steps so you can go try it out for yourself!

To learn this formula, I highly recommend hitting the play button above to listen to the podcast episode. But if you’re more of a reader, then simply keep on scrolling…

S – Ask For The SALE

I know what you’re thinking: “Well duh… I know that, but why is this the 1st step? Shouldn’t we prime the prospect? And how do I actually do this?”

Well I’m glad you asked!

The 1st thing you have to remember is that priming the prospect and giving them all the relevant information is assumed. Whether you use this formula online or offline, the prospect should have enough information about your product or service. If they don’t or you’re not sure if they do, then don’t stress!

This formula will unearth this fact sooner or later and I’ll show you how to handle it. More on that later.

The 2nd thing you need to remember is that in any pool of potential customers, approximately 10 to 20% of them are ready to buy the solution you’re offering today!

This means they don’t need to hear more of your pitch. They don’t need to hear about all the other features and they don’t care about all the bonuses you’re going to throw their way. They just want to move forward with the deal… So why not take advantage of this fact?

I have three favourite closes that I use often, and in this article I will share two of them. If you want to know the 3rd one, I recommend listening to the episode =)

#1: The Question/Assumption Close

“Why don’t we get started today? All it takes is 50% of the investment upfront and the rest we can take care of once we’ve worked together and you love the results”

I love this one for many reasons; first, it assumes that we are doing a deal today. Some might think that’s “pushy” but it’s all in how you say it. And honestly, if you (or your sales page) have done their job of giving the prospect enough information and walking them through the results they’ll get, then it should be a smooth transition.

Secondly, it shows that you are non-needy. Most companies or salespeople ask for 100% of the price upfront. This is standard practice. Why not stand out a little?

If your product or service is top-notch and you’re 100% sure the customer will love their results, then it shouldn’t matter if they can pay you later. In fact, if you can over-deliver, then they will be happy to pay you without friction.

Now yes, there will always be those that try to skip out on the payment owed… but that’s why you have contracts in place. Or at least I hope you do.

#2: The Ego-Reward Close

“We like to reward people who are decisive and have good judgement. So if you’re ready to move forward today, I can [increase value by offering bonuses or a discount]

Who doesn’t like to feel like they have good judgement and are decisive? I do. And so does your prospect!

But here’s the kicker – if your prospect isn’t the decision maker, then this fact will reveal itself when you try this close. If that happens, simply ask to follow up with the decision maker or get their information and ask the prospect if you can “present the information” to this decision maker.

I should also point out that the Ego Reward close works a lot better on men. My sample size obviously means this insight is anecdotal, but take it for what you will.

“But what if they throw up objections?”

There is a 90% chance this will happen. Objections are unavoidable. When they come up, you have two options:

  1. Either use some objection closes (like we talked about in the episode) or
  2. Simply move on to the next step of the formula!

E – Get Their Email

Ok so you tried closing the prospect but for whatever reason they wouldn’t bite. You tried 1-2 objection closes and tried to address their concerns but it’s still a no-go.

What now? Do we hang up the phone? Do we leave?

Hell no!

If you aren’t able to close the sale, be sure to get their contact information for a good and legit reason… and this reason is to provide them with value, multiple times over the next few days/weeks.

Be sure to read that last paragraph again, because it will determine how likely you are to get their information.

If you already have their email, be sure to get their phone #. If you have both already, then you’re already one step ahead.

Here’s an example script you can use:

“Hey no worries, even though you aren’t ready to move forward I want to give you a gift for taking the time to chat with me today. I have an amazing [report/video/training] that shows you how to [solve one of your problems] in 3 simple steps. Just let me know your email and I’ll send it over [wait for their response][Once they respond] “Oh by the way, if it works for you, would you consider doing business with us in the future?”

The best part about this step is that it doesn’t matter whether they say “yes” to doing business with you or not. Either way, you’ve helped them and they will remember you for that.

Be sure to listen to the accompanying episode as I go over a more detailed process of how to actually deliver this FREE gift to your prospect and create a system that will save you a lot of time!

Also, “E” is generally where the process will stop for most of you. As in, if you can’t do the first step (make the SALE) then you should be able to get the EMAIL/PHONE at least 8 out of 10 times.

“But you said the SEXY Formula works 9 out of 10 times?!”

I sure did, and that’s when the next step of the formula comes into play…

X – Xchange Referral Or Services

I’ll be honest – it’s not very likely that you’ll reach the “X” phase of the formula.

In fact if you do, this is an indication that you need to practice your sales closing and email/phone getting skills. Over the many years I’ve been using this formula, I’ve rarely needed to rely on the “X” phase… but it does exist as a final back up plan.

The last ditch move in the playbook when all else fails. Here’s a script to show you what I mean…

“Hey no worries, it sounds like you don’t need our services at this time. But would you happen to know anyone who does? I’d be happy to make it worth your while [wait for response; say nothing]

If you say this script right and deliver it correctly, the prospect will likely want to fill the silence and come back with: “what do you mean by that?” or “Oh, tell me more!”

And that’s when you need to have an affiliate / kick-back system in place that you can present to them.

If you can’t close them by getting a referral, see if you can trade services. For example: my sports facility always needed cleaning. If a business were to offer their cleaning services in exchange for fitness classes or any other program we offered, I wouldn’t think twice about that deal.

This is still a “close”, as it’s an easy win for both of us. Money doesn’t always have to “Xchange” hands in order for something to be considered a “close”, so be sure to remember that!

Y – Get The “Yes”

The final letter – or step – is to remember that you should not leave the conversation until you get a “yes” from the prospect from one of the offerings that you presented.

They didn’t bite on the sale? No problem, get their email/phone.

They don’t want your free gift? No problem, ask for a referral.

They don’t feel comfortable giving up names? No problem, see if you can barter.

Now I should mention that getting a “YES” is a suggestion, not a hard rule. Don’t be the asshole that comes across pushy. How do you know you’re being “pushy”?

Ask yourself this: “Can I or someone else follow up with this prospect in the near future and assume the door is still open?”

If the answer to this question is a “YES” then you’re fine. If the answer feels like a “NO” even slightly, then you may be pushy.

And you know what? If you’re practicing this enough times, you will come across pushy to some people. Everyone has a threshold and once you cross it, they will let you know.

If that happens, just stay calm and apologies. Under no circumstances should you get angry or frustrated!

As soon as you show anger or frustration, you’ve lost the sale.

So take this final step with a pinch of salt.

I’ve personally used this process to ensure that 9 out 10 times I end up making some kind of deal with the prospect and it results in a win-win for both of us. I hope it serves you well!

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