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How to make the most out of your next conference visit

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

Here is the cold-hard truth about conferences and seminars: they can either be a total waste of time and money or become one of the most valuable events you’ve ever visited, and can completely change the course of your life.

How? Because it’s all about meeting & engaging with the right people. We know the power of this first-hand because most of the guests we’ve had on this show came from conferences we’ve visited!

That’s why in this episode, we reveal about how to find legit conferences and some proven tips and strategies to help you get maximum ROI from your ticket purchase.


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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • 0:42 — Are conferences even worth it? Martin and Sahil start the show talking about the pros and cons of such events.
  • 2:49 — How to find conferences in your niche and ensure they are legit so your time and money doesn’t get wasted.
  • 4:30 — Are you on a tight budget? Not sure if your money spent will be worth it? Here’s a simple trick you can use to guarantee that the event you’re looking to go to will result in a positive ROI
  • 6:40 — What are the leaders in your niche doing? Martin talks about another quick way to find out which events will be worth your while
  • 10:15 — Most conferences have a base level ticket and then upgrades. We talk about whether or not you should you pay for the bonuses or the “VIP tickets”
  • 12:09 — Martin talks about tips and strategies on how to actually connect with people and network efficiently when attending a conference.
  • 15:40 — Martin talks about the secret meetups and “outside the box” events that take place during conferences and the only way to get in, is to know where to look and find the right people. This tip is GOLD.
  • 17:30 — Bringing “free gifts” to give away is fine, but most people go about it in completely the wrong way and end up wasting time, money and risk coming across as sleazy. Sahil talks about how to actually do the whole “free gift” thing artfully so that people actually like and remember you!
  • 19:10 — Martin talks about the one time where he asked to be on someone’s show in completely the wrong way; long story short, he never got on the show. This is a good example of learning from your mistakes (we all make them)
  • 21:00 — What should you do after the conference has wrapped up? Martin & Sahil talk about the art of following up with people you met and how to get them to remember you!
  • 25:00 — Did you meet and awesome speaker that you connected with? Martin & Sahil have both been presenters at conferences in their respective fields and reveal some of the best ways to flatter speakers in a non-creepy way that makes you stand out!

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