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Tips to grow your YouTube channel from a seasoned pro!

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

Have you ever heard about the ground-breaking career poll they gave to kids a few years back? These kids were asked a simple question: “What would you like to be when you grow up?”

Now understand, that these kids could’ve chosen anything; astronaut, cowboy, firefighter, jet pilot etc. Yet, the number 1 response was: “I want to be a famous YouTuber” 

Crazy times we live in. That’s why we reached out to a famous YouTuber who has amassed half a million subscribers, and asked him to lay out his best tips and strategies on how he did. Meet Joseph Hogue!


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Joseph’s Official Bio: Joseph Hogue is a financial expert and investment analyst. After serving in the Marine Corps, he started his career investing in real estate before becoming an investment analyst for some of the largest private investors. He’s appeared on Bloomberg and on CNBC as an investment expert and has published ten books in personal finance. Now he helps investors reach their financial goals and invest in the stock market with some of the same advice he used when working for the rich.

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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • 1:30 — Martin jumps right into it and asks Joseph how he got to 500k subscribers and what life has been like for him
  • 2:10 — Joseph talks about the YouTube algorithm along with what you can and cannot control about it. This is an important concept to grasp for any area of life!
  • 2:40 — Joseph explains how he got started and the sneaky little trick he used to come up with great video ideas that he KNEW would work well in his market
  • 3:20 — Sahil asks Joseph how long it took him to actually gain traction on his channel and ways to speed up growth
  • 5:02 — Sahil asks Joseph a common myth that is floating around in everyone’s heads: Do you need to be good at video or simply good looking in order to make it on YouTube? can anyone start? Be sure to listen to Joseph’s answer on this one!
  • 6:36 — Martin asks Joseph about what to do if you’re lacking some of the core skills in order to make it as a YouTuber (such as editing).
  • 7:52 — For those who have tried YouTube or are currently on their way, Sahil asks Joseph’s opinion on old content. Should you take it down or leave it up for people to see your growth over the years?
  • 8:20 — Sahil asks Joseph about some of his favorite tools he uses to produce his videos. If you think you need only the best and most expensive set up, you will definitely want to tune in to this section!
  • 10:00 — How much editing should you actually do with your videos? Is there such a thing as too much or too little? Be sure to hear Joseph’s take on it.
  • 11:37 — Martin asks Joseph to share his YouTube checklist for producing and launching videos.
  • 12:49 — One of the biggest challenges you’ll have is holding people’s attention. Be sure to listen for Joseph’s 30 second hack that he uses to keep his viewers engaged to his video. This is something you can implement immediately!
  • 13:24 — Joseph has an amazing little branding gimmick that helps him stand out from every other YouTuber and takes only a few seconds to put together. This is a genius strategy that helps him stay relevant in the minds of his viewers.
  • 16:00 — Joseph reveals how YouTube views your channels content and the way it categorizes it. If you can understand this and figure out your niche, you will be in a much better place. Definitely a key insight worth exploring.
  • 18:15 — The amazing origin story of HOW Joseph’s channel actually started and the decision he made to chart his path forward.
  • 19:11 — We ask Joseph if YouTube courses and masterminds are actually worth the money and whether he recommends them. His answer is truly enlightening and something every aspiring YouTuber needs to understand
  • 19:40 — Joseph talks about a YouTuber who simply read lines in front of a camera and ended up creating a MASSIVE following (over 1 million subs!)
  • 20:40 — Ever wondered how much money a YouTuber with half a million subscribers pulls in? Or have you ever wondered how exactly a YouTuber can even make money? We ask Joseph these questions and he’s a completely open book about it!
  • 21:39 — We ask Joseph if he’s going to branch out and start making video content on TikTok and how he feels about these “bite sized” social media channels in the first place
  • 24:09 — Sahil asks Joseph about how he manages his editing team remotely and how much it costs to get your videos edited
  • 25:52 — Martin asks Joseph if there is ever a specific time that people should release videos for the best possible exposure. Does time even matter? Be sure to listen to this answer!
  • 28:45 — Sahil asks Joseph how much extra time people should expect to put in per week if they want to become a successful YouTuber.
  • 31:20 — Joseph gets asked what is the #1 biggest mistake people make when trying to become successful on YouTube. Be sure to listen to this so you don’t fall into the same trap!

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