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These 6 Books Will Be A Total Game-Changer For You Business!

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

Books are the most cost-effective and highest ROI tools you can use to upgrade the quality of your business and your life. But because there are literally hundreds of business books out there that promise you the world, we decided it’s time to separate the true winners from the sea of average.

That’s why we’re creating a little mini-series where we do a deep-dive into books that have had a meaningful impact on our lives and our businesses.

In Part 1 of this series, you will get the very best insights from each of the six books mentioned so you can take that knowledge and start living it, implementing it and getting results!

Of course, we still recommend that you pick up these books and go through them when possible. But the episode will give you a nice little head start.

Oh and don’t forget to say hi to “Ethan” 😉

Marc Andre Vital Dollar Hustle Podcast

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