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Shannon Tebb Talks About How She Started Dating & Matchmaking Service In Toronto Canada!

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

Shannon Tebb is an energetic, intuitive, and creative professional Dating Coach, Wingwoman and Boutique Matchmaker out of Toronto, Canada. She started her Dating Consulting business in 2010 and works with singles of all ages helping them achieve 100% “Date Ready” status.

In today’s episode, she not only shares the details about her business, but also drops some amazing dating tips that both men and women can use out in the real world to make real connections and (hopefully) find the love of their life. This episode really has it all, so be sure to smash that play button!

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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • 1:42 — Martin asks Shannon how she got into the business as a dating coach and matchmaker
  • 2:46 — How Shannon landed her first few clients
  • 4:10 — Like any good business idea, Shannon started this as a side hustle. Martin asks her when and how she knew it was the right time to make it her main gig
  • 6:08 — Martin asks Shannon how she achieves a 78% success rate when it comes to matchmaking singles
  • 7:41 — Martin asks Shannon the effects on online dating and apps like Tinder
  • 10:14 — If your social skills feel rusty after all the lockdowns, Shannon has some great tips on how to engage with people
  • 12:23 — How Shannon tackles the issue of confidence with her clients
  • 17:08 — Shannon talks about how to become a natural attractor that draws people in and makes them curious instead of always trying to GET something
  • 18:41 — Martin asks Shannon how she actually makes money with her business and the rates she charges
  • 22:09 — Shannon talks about her “date stacking” technique that helps build better connections and lasting memories to help people hit it off!

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