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Nico Taught Himself How To Code From Scratch & Launched His Software Company!

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

One of the things that really inspires us is watching people defy the odds and do things that most “normal” people would think impossible or too hard. These are hustlers who go against the norm and find unique ways to succeed.

Meet Nico. He is a school dropout who never had a normal job. Not long ago, he was a successful marketer and was managing $1 million in ad spend for a client. But then gave it all up by learning to code from scratch, created a software company, and was profitable within a year. And today, he shares his journey of how he did it, and the valuable lessons learned along the way. This episode went a little longer than our usual length, but we think you’ll find some real value in it.

So smash that play button above. You’re in for a wild ride!


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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • 2:03 — Nico talks about how to launch a product idea from scratch
  • 3:17 — Already have a product? Here are some marketing tips to help you move your inventory out of the warehouse, and into customer’s hands!
  • 5:40 — With the recession looming, Nico gives all Ecommerce hustlers some tips on what to do to ensure your sales volume doesn’t dip too low
  • 8:06 — Nico talks about the difference between an emotional purchase and a rational purchase
  • 11:33 — Now that Twitter has a new owner (Elon Musk), Sahil asks Nico about his thoughts on the pros and cons of using it as an ad platform.
  • 12:57 — Sahil asks Nico to explain one of this main products — an A.I writing app that helps you produce unique content. Everything from articles, blog posts and even basic ads! This is incredible stuff.
  • 15:30 — Nico explains how A.I pricing actually works and the hidden costs behind a start up. This is some great “under the hood” insight for all consumers and future developers
  • 18:45 — Sahil asks Nico his plans for scaling. Is he going to take outside VC money, or simply stay scrappy and build it all on his own.
  • 20:32 — Nico goes into detail about what it actually took to learn how to code on his own. HINT: It wasn’t easy!
  • 26:15 — When it comes to apps, UI / UX is very important (user interface and user experience). Sahil asks Nico what are some of the best practices he learned when it comes to ensuring customers have the best experience using his apps.
  • 28:01 — Sahil asks Nico about his failure and how he mentally got through them.
  • 29:47 — Nico talks about luck vs perseverance. What is more important when it comes to taking your start up to the next level
  • 32:51 — Nico’s opinion on actual coding vs No Code tools for the future.
  • 47:10 — Sahil asks Nico about his favorite tools that helps him stay productive (see links in the Resource section above)

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