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Is Hustle Culture Dying in 2023?

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

Is hustle culture dying down in 2023? Martin and Sahil breakdown an interesting article that looked at the notion of hustle culture going away in 2023 as many employees deal with burnout. The guys are back for a quickie episode to look at hustle culture and what you can do to avoid burnout as you work toward your goals.

The topics discussed include:

  • The case for why you should go through a period of hustle.
  • How to prevent burnout when trying to grow a side hustle as an employee.
  • Why it’s okay to not be an entrepreneur.
  • The importance of finding passions that excite you.
  • What to expect as an aspiring entrepreneur. 


Is hustle culture dead?

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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • 00:00 — The show opens with the guys talking about an article that discusses the idea of hustle culture dying down.
  • 1:53 — The guys look at the concept of hustle being a key ingredient in accomplishing your goals when trying to work for yourself. If you want something you’ve never had before, you have to put in the effort you’ve never put in before. 
  • 3:16 — The discussion turns towards the requirement of entering a new field or any kind of new venture. As important as the result is, sometimes you have to embrace the journey. 
  • 4:40 –– The conversation about having a vision begins because it’s important that you have something that keeps you on track. This is why it’s critical that you find things that you enjoy so that you don’t burn out.
  • 6:00 — You have to find things that you find enjoyable so that you don’t feel like you’re always fighting an uphill battle. The goal is to become so good that they can’t ignore you.
  • 7:37 –– As frustrating as hustle culture is, it’s important to remember that all good things take time. You can’t start an amazing new life if you put the time and effort in.
  • 8:50 — Everything that you do compounds, so the work that you put in today could pay off in the future. Could you do one thing every single day without fail? 
  • 10:28 — The flip side of this hustle culture is that it’s okay to find a job you enjoy and feel fulfilled. Entrepreneurship is a stressful way to go through life and it’s not for everyone. Sahil shares what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur and why everyone should embrace the journey at least once. 
  • 12:52 — The guys close off by discussing how difficult it can be to make it as an entrepreneur. 

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