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The Side Hustle Queen Shares How You Can Dabble Your Way Into Creating Your Dream Life With Side Hustles

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

Daniella went from buying domain names related to The Office to building a huge social media following and online presence geared towards helping readers find remote work and side hustles that allow them to build they life they dream of. 

Daniella Flores is your queer and nonbinary side hustle queen. She focused on helping you get paid what you want while finding work that you want so that you build the life that you deserve. Instead of focusing on hustle, Daniella is all about dabbling to find work that resonates with you. 

In this episode, Daniella shares the best side hustles out there to bring in money, the side hustles that you need to avoid, and her thoughts on the toxic stigma surrounding hustle culture. 

Daniella Flores

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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • 00:00 — Daniella talks about how she went from buying domain names related to The Office to landing on her domain name. She tells us how she got to her brand name as she accidentally stumbled on side hustles through survival
  • 4:41 — Sahil turns the conversation toward WordPress and Daniella’s tools. The discussion turns toward hosting platforms.
  • 7:00 — What’s dabbling all about? Daniella discusses the difference between hustling, dabbling, and getting things done.
  • 9:30 — How does Daniella handle the criticism? What’s the difference between hustle and hustle culture? Daniella talks about the importance of pushing the right message.
  • 10:56 — What are you working towards? The conversation turns to the importance of preparing for the future.
  • 12:25 — What’s Daniella’s most common side hustle advice? The role of freelance work is brought up, leading to a tangent about ChatGPT and the future of writing. Will AI replace writers? Daniella shares some flaws with ChatGPT and potential challenges for all involved.
  • 17:55 — How can you turn personal experiences into freelance work? Daniella shares insights on how you could already have the skills needed to make money. The rest of humanity doesn’t want work designed by AI.
  • 20:40 — What are the best job boards? Daniella shares the best options for finding clients. How do Twitter and LinkedIn work for landing work?
  • 24:00 — What are the best side hustles right now? Daniella then looks into the different streams of income that she relies on.
  • 27:30 — The conversation turns to Rover and walking dogs. Then Daniella shares how she ended up stopping her Etsy store and what led to that decision.
  • 30:00 — Does Daniella worry about her competition when starting a new venture?
  • 31:05 — What are the worst side hustles out there? We look at the worst side hustles that aren’t worth the time. We then look at the biggest mistakes that Daniella sees.
  • 35:00 — How would Daniella make $1,000 right now? What’s the fastest access to cash? We close the show by talking about where you can find Daniella if you want to pursue a side hustle.

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