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What Film Producers Look for When Casting Actors; Insights By Mariah Owen

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

Mariah Owen is an award-winning actor, filmmaker, cartoonist, and entrepreneur who joins us on the podcast to reveal EXACTLY what running a production company is like. 

Have you thought about getting into acting? Do you want to know what running your own production company is like?

Mariah Owen reveals everything that you could want to know about getting into acting and how you could get noticed in 2023 in a crowded space. She started her own production company, GTE Productions, at the age of 21 and has had some of her films play the top festivals in the world (SXSW, Sitges, and Cannes). Her work can also be seen on Amazon, Netflix, CBC, and more. You’ll want to listen to her journey if you want to get into the film industry or if you’re curious about what goes into running a production company. 


Mariah Owen

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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • 00:00 — The show starts off strong as Mariah jumps into what producers are looking for when casting actors. She reveals the ONE thing that will help you get noticed as an aspiring actor.
  • 4:22 — Should people make their own content? Mariah shares insights on what you should do to get noticed if you want to find work in the film industry. They shared some examples of actors getting noticed lately and what it takes.
  • 6:22 — Mariah talks about the importance of living your life. You have to live before you can start writing quality work. The conversation then scrolls to the type of content that’s sticking out lately.
  • 9:22 — What makes a story stick out in 2023? Mariah shares insights on the art of storytelling and how to get noticed.
  • 10:40 — Was there a piece of content that got Mariah noticed? She shares what helped her breakthrough to the next level with the story of what it takes to make it.
  • 14:00 — What’s it like to run a production company? What happens when you’re feeling stuck?
  • 16:30 — What’s it like being a woman in the film industry? Mariah shares her insights into getting noticed at festivals. How difficult is it to thrive in the industry?
  • 18:30 — What lessons does Mariah have from being a competitive athlete to becoming a business owner? Mariah shares what a producer actually does if you’re not sure about the job title.
  • 22:30 — Does Mariah have a dream project she wants to speak into the universe? We dig into possible future projects.
  • 25:30 — What mistakes did Mariah make when she was first starting out in the business? Mariah looks at the issues involved with trying to take on too much work upfront instead of looking for help. It’s okay to look for help.
  • 30:00 — What would Mariah do if a young person reached out for advice? What boundaries exist out there?
  • 31:00 — What led to Mariah’s workshop? She shares what you can learn at her upcoming workshop and what led to her starting this new project.
  • 37:00 — Mariah shares where you can find her if you want to get into the film business. 

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