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How Haley & Justin Became Financial Coaches After Paying Off $130,000 Worth of Debt

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

Haley and Justin Brown-Woods are financial coaches behind the popular brand, Price of Avocado Toast. The millennial couple started their debt-free journey back in 2019 after they blew through a $600,000 financial windfall that they had come in earlier. Over the years, Haley and Justin have helped clients pay off over a million dollars worth of debt and they’re here to share their story.

Topics discussed in this podcast:

  • What a financial coach is and how someone can start as one. 
  • The story of how they got into debt and what they did to pay it off.
  • Practical tips for building up your savings and destroying debt.
  • What you can do right now if you’re stressed about your finances.
Price of Avocado Toast

Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • 1:00 – Justin and Haley discuss what financial coaching is all about and how they got started in this field. The conversation turns to how people can afford financial coaching even when they don’t have any money. They share how clients are able to afford the service and how they work with people of all budgets.
  • 5:45 – What happens when someone can’t afford financial coaching? What’s the next step for this person to take? 
  • 7:25 – What gives Haley and Justin credibility? They share the story of how they came into $600,000, but then ended up in debt. 
  • 9:45 – How did they end up in debt? Why do people end up in debt after coming into money? The discussion turns to why people end up losing money when they win big. 
  • 11:30 – What advice do Haley and Justin have for someone who’s about to come into some money? We look at the importance of discovering your values and figuring out what you want out of life. 
  • 13:20 – How did Justin and Haley know that financial coaching would be a decent side hustle? They share some of the unique side hustles that they had on their journey to pay off debt until they realized that they could be helping others. 
  • 16:00 – What advice do they have for someone listening who wants to pay off their debt? We look at the importance of tracking your expenses, having a budget, and reflecting so that you know where your money’s going. 
  • 19:00 – What guard rails do the financial coaches recommend to clients who struggle with their finances? We look at habit stacking and how you can automate better financial habits. 
  • 21:20 – How does someone become a financial coach? They share the story of how they got noticed in this field.
  • 23:00 – What’s the best platform to grow on these days? We look at why Instagram is one of the best platforms for connecting with people. The harsh reality is that you have to put up a lot of content for free until you get noticed. 
  • 24:30 – Haley stresses the importance of finding legal guidance before giving out financial advice on social media. 
  • 26:00 – What’s the financial system like for Haley and Justin? They give an inside look at how they manage their finances. 
  • 28:30 – What tips do Haley and Justin have for other couples when it comes to managing money? They share the idea of finding a number for what you agree on when it comes to spending. We then look at the importance of making a plan and putting it in the budget.
  • 32:00 – Justin shares what it was like to finally become a full-time entrepreneur after joining Hayley’s team. 
  • 33:00 – How can you work with the financial coaches from Price of Avocado Toast?

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