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See How Mitch Calvert Went From 260lbs To One Of The Top Trainers In Winnipeg!

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

In high school, Mitch weighed in a 260lbs and knew he needed to change. Not only did he manage to lose the weight, but he also became one of the top fitness trainers in his city of Winnipeg.

And in this jam-packed episode, Mitch reveals what it takes to run a business as someone who is not a natural born entrepreneur. He covers everything from landing your first client, hiring a Virtual Assistant, dealing with imposter syndrome and more! We hope his inspiring story will help you chase your dreams. So smash that play button above, and tune in!

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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • 2:02 — Martin asks Mitch about how he got started in his fitness journey and went from 260lbs to someone who is in great shape!
  • 2:44 — Martin asks Mitch how he knew it was time to leave his management job and take the leap to start his own business. If you’re someone who feels stuck at their job, this is some great insight.
  • 5:04 — Mitch gets asked about his business model and how he was able to nail down his exact customer base and find his niche, instead of trying to cater to everyone.
  • 6:04 — Mitch makes a great point about how you don’t have to be world-class to start a side hustle business. If you think you’re not good enough at your craft, be sure to tune into his answer and adopt his mindset.
  • 6:34 — You won’t believe this old school marketing tactic (that everyone thought was dead) which Mitch uses to bring in new clients for his business.
  • 8:14 — Martin asks Mitch what he does to stand out from an oversaturated market like weight loss in order to attract his best clients.
  • 10:04 — Martin and Mitch talk about the benefits of getting a virtual assistant and the type of tasks they can do to make a business run with greater efficiency.
  • 13:11 — Martin and Mitch talka bout the pros and cons of creating content that feels like you are “repeating yourself”. This is some great insight for those of you who struggle to always come up with something new and exciting.
  • 15:13 — Martin asks Mitch what his advice would be to someone who wants to land their very first client.
  • 18:35 — Mitch gets asked about his professional guarantee, and how he ensures that his clients actually achieve the results they were promised.
  • 19:34 — Mitch shares some of the tools and technology to make his life easier and provide more value to his clients.
  • 22:47 — Is professional development and advice from gurus worth it? Martin asks Mitch about which mentors he’s invested in, and whether the high price tag was worth it.
  • 27:20 — Life of a business owner is busy, and Mitch shares some of his secrets on time management and planning out your day.
  • 29:05 — Mitch shares his vision about the future of fitness and where he thinks its going to trend.

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