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A behind the scenes look of how Sahil sold his gym

by Martin D. & Sahil M. | DYEH Podcast

Sahil has sold his gym and he’s here to share the details with us. If you recall, Sahil shared in previous episodes what he and his partner were doing to survive the global pandemic as business owners. Sahil is back now to share the story of how they ended up selling the gym. We take a look behind the scenes to see what led up to this point, how they felt about selling their baby, and what to expect moving forward. If you’re a small business owner, you’re going to want to hear this one. 


Marc Andre Vital Dollar Hustle Podcast

What’s discussed in this episode?

  • What it takes to grow a business in a competitive marketplace. 
  • How to value your business before selling it.
  • How to build a thriving gym even during tough times.
  • What to look for in business deals.
  • When to move on from a business.


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Show Notes & Episode Guide

  • [00:00 – 4:10] — Sahil opens up the show by sharing the breaking news of selling his gym. If you recall, Sahil talked about how he and his partner were buckling down to survive the pandemic as small business owners. Sahil discusses the details of the gym and what led to this monumental decision. Sahil opens up about how his business partner ended up with a new side hustle during the pandemic as well. 
    [4:11 – 7:33] — Sahil brings up the buyer and where this person comes from. The guys talk about how to look for a business buyer and what to look for before parting ways with your company. Sahil gives us some insights on the new buyer and what attracted them to this person. Sahil even gives us a sneak peek of what to expect with his former gym moving forward. 
    [7:34 – 11:37] — Was Sahil concerned about selling his gym? Was he skeptical about the deal? The guys discuss how to alleviate concerns when it comes to such a big business deal. We even get into the technical terms and what to look for when trying to sell a business. 
    [11:38 – 16:09] — How does one get a big offer to sell their business? Sahil gives us a look at what potential buyers look for if you’re thinking about selling your business. We take a look at the numbers and the finances behind a business deal. Sahil shares how he had to close his second location and what they had to do to optimize the value of the gym. The guys look at cash flow and what it takes to make a business profitable.
    [16:10 -22:10] — Sahil turns the discussion toward living lean as an entrepreneur. The guys then talk about the drop-off in pay as an entrepreneur and what it takes to get through these times. This leads to a discussion about entrepreneurs and influencers who try too hard to appear successful to strangers. 
    [22-11 – 27:11] — Sahil goes into detail about what they did to survive during the pandemic when rents were due but the gym couldn’t even open the doors. The guys look at the closures and what it took to even try to open gym doors during the last few years. Sahil goes into the precautions that they had to take to survive and try to keep the bills paid. 
    [27:12 – 29:53] — What’s next for Sahil now that the gym has been sold? We discuss life post-business and what to do next. Sahil even talks about some of the offers that have come his way since he has become a free agent. 
    [29:54 – 31:25] — Success leads to more success. The guys talk about the rewards that come to those who succeed and stick it through. 
    [31:26 – End] — Sahil talks about what he wishes he knew in advance as a small business owner. The little things can quickly add up to bigger issues. The guys break down what to look for so that you can save yourself some time and money upfront. 

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