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cash-in-hand-smallI remember it like it was yesterday.

I was at the grocery store picking up my weekly necessities; meat, rice, veggies, wine and cheesecake  — you know, the usual.

As the cashier totalled everything up, I confidently swiped my debit card (like I had a thousand times before) so I could pay, leave and dive nose first into my dessert.

And then it happened; for the first time in my life, it got declined!

I’m sure you’ve been in a similar situation before. And if not, trust me, you’ll remember! It’s sort of like sex — no one forgets their first time.

It’s also one of those instances that you see often, but don’t think will ever happen to you.

As it turns out, the money in my account went towards paying off my credit card bill, which had mysteriously ballooned in size after a weekend out with friends.

So of course, I did what any intelligent person would do, and put everything on credit to save myself further embarrassment.

After eating enough calories to comfort my sadness, I knew I had to make some extra money on the side… because there was no way in hell I was going to suffer through that again.

My game plan? To hustle my ass off!

But this was ten years ago, and a lot has changed since then. So if you’ve got some unexpected bills to pay, or like my foolish younger self, decided to get a little too carried away with your credit card, I’m going to share 9 creative side-gigs that will (legally) put some extra money in your pocket.

Side Note: Some of these side-gigs might be a little outside your comfort zone. But it’s up to you to decide how involved you want to get. The goal of this article was to simply present the options without any social bias or judgement. And to be quite honest, if you’re truly a hustler to the bone, then you will do what needs to be done (within the boundaries of the law, of course!)

Option 1: Sell hair

girl-holding-hair-smallPayout: $100 to $1000

You would think that in today’s world, technology can solve most of our problems. That’s what I thought when it came to hair pieces, wigs and other scalp-covering contraptions. Now being someone who has rocked the bald look for years, I was rather misinformed about this whole industry. As it turns out, the best and most expensive dome-carpets are actually made from real human hair! I guess you DO learning something every day. What’s more, I hang around enough women to know that hair extensions are not cheap, and very much in demand. Especially ones made from real hair. Requirements? Well you’ll need to donate at least 10 inches of hair that is uncolored and free from damage. So if you’ve got the goods, or are great places to look for buyers.

Option 2: Sell plasma

blood-test-tube-smallPayout: Up to $75/week

I know what you’re thinking: “What the hell is plasma, and why would I want to give it away?”  Plasma is the fluid that basically carries your white and red blood cells throughout the body. Without it, the cells wouldn’t be able to get anywhere… sort of how planes wouldn’t be able to fly without air. Plasma is a very important medium, and can be a life-saving liquid for people who’ve suffered severe injuries. If you’ve ever given blood or had a blood test done, then you can sell plasma. So how does it work? Well they take your blood, extract the plasma, then feed your red blood cells back into your body and hand you some money. Requirements: Obviously, you need to be in good health and between the ages of 18 and 65. So sadly, no drug addicts. You’ll also want to eat iron rich foods and keep your water intake high a few days before hitting up a plasma center so that you have enough to give without feeling light-headed. I suggest eating foods like beef, pork, beans and leafy greens such as spinach, kale and broccoli. As for where to find these centers, just visit

Option 3: Sell breast milk

milk-bottle-mug-smallPayout: $1 per ounce (30 ml)

That’s right ladies, now there’s a new way to make money off your boobs besides encompassing them in a push-up bra to earn higher tips!

Side Note: If you’re on some high-horse and hate on women that use their “natural gifts” to earn more money as service workers, then you’re on the wrong website. This is a place is for hustlers, and we salute every hard-working gal that’s doing what it takes to boost her conversion per customer or client! 

So yes, selling your breast milk really is a thing. In fact, you can search for milk banks around your city and you’ll most likely find one that’s willing to compensate you. What’s more, breast milk can be stored in a freezer for up to six months (Source: Linda Klein, Mercy Medical Center). This is good news for young mothers whose child is transitioning to the bottle, but have a significant amount of boob-juice stocked up. Oh and don’t forget about private buyers — they are more than willing to pay top dollar for this stuff. After doing just five minutes of research on Google, I was shocked at how much demand exists for breast milk; I almost wish I had tits! Just be sure to stay safe during your transactions and read up on your local laws, as sometimes the private sale of breast milk can be a gray area.

Option 4: Sell sperm

sperm-egg-science-smallPayout: $30-$100 per donation, every 5 days

To most men, getting paid to donate sperm seems like a dream job — second to being a porn star. And the reason is simple: most are donating their seed to the city’s sewage system on the daily, so why not get paid for it? Unfortunately it’s not as simple as releasing your little soldiers into a test tube while watching an adult film and collecting your cash on the way out. If it were that simple, no man on Earth would pursue any other reasonable career.

First and foremost, you have to be in exceptionally good health. This means they’ll run a shit load of tests to ensure that you’re clean and… ahem, capable. Next, most sperm banks require some sort of time of commitment which can span a few months to a few years! There are also restrictions about releasing your seed when you’re off the clock — which may or may not be a deal breaker. Especially if you happen to have a wife or girlfriend… or both. Hey, we’re not judging.

Option 5: Become a part-time editor

editing-paperPayout: $5-$10 per 1000 words

Do you write good? Do you grammar excellent? Can you make any idiot with a keyboard and an idea sound like an accomplished academic? Then you can make money! It doesn’t take a genius to realize that content marketing is the backbone of any online business. And what does every piece of content need? Polish! So if you paid attention in English class, why not put those skills to good use? Go to, throw up a gig and start editing people’s literary disasters.

Sure, you might be forced to read a body of text that is an utter disgrace to the English language — like this article, lol — but at least you can get paid for it! By editing just three articles per day from Monday to Friday, you can add an additional $75 to $150 per week to your pay cheque. That can cover groceries, internet, hydro… or your daughter’s expensive Snapchat habit. Just remember though: the key to getting a flood of clients on Fiverr is having lots of great reviews! So when you start, provide the most value for the cheapest price and do a bang-up job. As the 5-star ratings start pouring in, you can slowly raise your price. A lot of people will avoid you if you’re new — unless you offer a great price.

Wana Get Started On Fiverr? Let Us Help You!

If you’ve got the editing chops, throw up your gig on Fiverr and email us here: info [at] doyouevenhustle [dot] net with some samples of your work. We’ll give you a jump start (and initial traction) by providing rave reviews and lots of sales in return for cheap gigs so you can soak up all the customers down the road. How? Well Martin and I are well connected in the world of blogging. So not only do we personally need editors to help out with DYEH and our respective blogs, but our more-than-successful friends will throw money at you like an in-demand stripper if your price is right. But you better hurry because we’ll only be selecting a few individuals.

Option 6: Garage sale for the 21st century

letgo-app-smallPayout: Depends on how much you sell

Garage sales are so two-thousand-and-late. I mean they’re fun, but the effort involved is hardly worth the money you’ll make back. Plus it takes up an entire day. Instead, why not fire up and app such as Letgo, Wallapop or OfferUp? All you have to do is take a picture of the shit you want to get rid of, set a price, and list it out to the world! (Actually just your local area, but you get the point.) I know a few friends that have made a couple hundred bucks from selling off their used clothing, electronics and car accessories. Take a look around your house and see what you can sell off. Or ask your friends and family if you can help them sell their un-used goods and split the profit. Truth is, we only really use 30% of the possessions we own. The other 70% are mere convenience products that aren’t essential for survival. I mean do you really need 3 sets of knives, 5 non-stick pans, a rice maker, waffle maker and a 100 bit drill set? Really?! Think about it, then sell it for some quick cash.

Option 7: Uber (driver/delivery)

driving-car-wheel-smallPayout: $100-$200/night or more

If you haven’t heard about Uber by now, then you haven’t been paying attention (or you’re just old.) Either way, if your car is mostly sitting around and doing nothing, why not put it to use, and make some money? Martin actually drove for Uber a revealed the whole process (including how much he made) right here. I highly suggest your read about his experience. It really is a great way to add a few hundred bucks to your monthly income. And if you’re not a people person (or just don’t feel like driving around strangers), then another option is becoming a driver for Uber Eats. This is an app where people can order delicious food at the press of a button while sitting on their ass and doing absolutely nothing. And how does the food get delivered? Well, someone drives it to them. That’s where you come in!

Option 8: Airbnb

room-hotel-travel-smallPayout: $50-$100/night or more

Have a house or apartment on which you’re having trouble paying rent? Will your parents let you move back in for just a few months? Will a friend let you crash on the couch for a few weeks? If so, you might want to consider AirBnB. It’s an app that will allow you to rent your pad to people for a few nights at a time. If you’re smart, not only can you earn your rent money in a few weeks, but you can really stash up some “safety money” if you don’t mind adopting a minimalistic lifestyle for a few months. The easiest way to get bookings is to call up hotels within a 10km radius and calculate the average cost per night. Then beat that price by at least 25%. Not only does this mean more money for you, but it’s a better deal for those who need a place to stay, as hotels usually don’t come with a full functioning kitchen & laundry amenities.

Option 9: Become an affiliate

business-handshake-money-smallPayout: Depends on payout and sales volume

Another way you can think about an “affiliate” is commission based selling. Now most people think I’m referring to a pyramid scheme based around selling detox tea to your friends. Not so! That shit is called “network marketing.” While some people can make money off it, it revolves around having people under you, who have others under them, who again have another group under them that try and huck products to their friends and family. It’s so fucking lame that it angers me.

What I’m referring to is making genuine connections with individuals that provide useful products and services which people need anyway, then making a profit off that.Take myself for example. I run a fitness company and my friends know that if their friends are ever looking for meal plans, workout programs or someone to help them get in shape, I’m the guy. So they will simply make the introduction by saying “Oh you’re looking to get in shape? Yeah I know a guy, his name his Sahil. Here’s his email, tell em Steve sent you and he’ll hook you up.” 

If the interested party signs up, Steve makes a commission. Once you have a Rolodex of service providers under your belt (trainers, barbers, hairdressers, photographers, cleaners, mechanics etc.) then you can always be making some side money because these are needs that everyone has and yet, people never know who to trust. Since no one likes to feel ripped off or wants to take a gamble with their money, you can leverage this opportunity. But please, for the love of god, don’t go around scamming people for a quick buck — especially your family and friends. If a mechanic that you know to be shoddy offers you $100 for each person you bring in, tell em’ to jump off a cliff. Because you wana know the truth? In today’s world you can make just as much money doing the right thing, as you can the wrong thing. One leads to a lifetime supply of money and customers, the other leads to people wanting to drop kick you in the face. Choose wisely.

Side Note: If you like what we’re about and would like to become an affiliate of the Do You Even Hustle brand, or my fitness business, shoot me an email: info [at]

Want 9 More Ways To Earn Quick Cash?

If you thought this list was comprehensive, wait till you see the nine other gold mines that we recently found. What’s more, as hustlers we’ll constantly be updating the list with resources and proven game plans so you’ll never run out of ways to make extra side cash.

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