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Are You Still Using 'I Don't Have Time' As An Excuse For Not Chasing After Your Dreams?

Do you keep falling short of your goals, month after month?

Fed up with complicated productivity “hacks” that stop working after a few weeks?

Are you finally ready to learn how real entrepreneurs are getting sh*t done, day after day without suffering from burnout or mental breakdowns?

Introducing: The Hustler’s Success Planner

A proven game-plan designed to help you take back control of your time, boost productivity and help you achieve your most ambitious goals in 60 days or less!

Why This Little Book Will Succeed When Everything Else Has Failed You

Look, we get it. This isn’t your first rodeo. In fact, we’re well aware that you’ve probably tried “everything” when it comes to making yourself more productive, managing your time and getting motivated… but nothing seems to last.

However, you know full well that there must be a better way of doing things.

I mean, how else can you explain the insane results that the top entrepreneurs in the world are getting? After all, they’re given 24 hours in a day, just like everybody else.

So what sets them apart? Are they doing something magical that you’re not? Do they have access to some “secret” that hasn’t been revealed to you?

Not really! Most experts say that a majority of failures can be traced back to a lack of reliable systems.

What’s a system? Just a proven way of doing the right things, at the right time in the right order.

And as it turns out, the “systems” that most of the top entrepreneurs in the world use are actually simple, effective, and about as reliable as a hammer.

But how do we know this? Who are we to make such a claim?


Meet The 2 Men Behind This Project…

Allow us to introduce ourselves: Our names are Martin Dasko and Sahil Mulla. We are the hosts of a very popular podcast called Do You Even Hustle (you’ll find it on iTunes under the new & noteworthy list).

It’s a show is where we share every every tip, trick and tactic that is helping us get more customers and make more sales in our own respective online businesses.

But beyond that, our podcast has also allowed us to interview some of the top entrepreneurs on the planet. Every week we get a front row seat on how they manage their time, set goals, and get more done in a single day than the average person can in a month!

After spending enough time around people who’ve earned millions of dollars, patterns started to emerge. As it turns out, successful entrepreneurs have habits that are extremely similar (go figure). And so, we built these habits and systems right into our Success Planner!

But what good is a system if it’s complicated and actually robs you of your valuable time instead of letting you spend it on tasks that matter? And what good is a habit or tactic if it only works once? Wouldn’t you want a system that is reliable, predictable and consistent at delivering results?

Exactly! Which is why our Success Planner was designed with 3 Core Principles in mind:

It's Stupidly Simple

All you have to do is follow simple instructions and fill out the blank spaces provided each day. The entire process is laid out for you in a step-by-step fashion. Plus we’ve thrown in a Special Bonus: 31 ways to stay motivated to help you get through those days where you just don’t feel like yourself. Trust us, we’ve been there.

It's Backed By Science

We did some real research on the back-end to make sure none of our methods were hocus-pocus. There was a major study done, which showed that when adults wrote things down, they retained the information faster and for a longer period of time over typing! Every part of this planner is designed with a purpose. You won’t find any skeptical “wish your way to success” nonsense here.


Proven In The Real World

Theory is one thing, but having proof is a whole different ball game. That’s why every technique and tactic inside our planner has been hand chosen only after it has delivered results. In fact, some of the most successful people on the planet start planning their day using the very techniques you’re about to learn (think Elon Musk, Jerry Seinfeld, Richard Branson and more)

Why Waste Another Minute On Useless Time Management Systems That Leave Your Wallet Empty & Your Mind Confused?

Order Your Copy Of The Hustler’s Success Planner Today!

Still Not Convinced? Take A Look At What Real-World Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Our Planner!

“I really enjoyed the way these gents put the personal notebook together. There’s something about the experience of writing a task down and then manually crossing it off when completed. The fact that they’ve added specific areas to help with perspective and motivation are an extra bonus.”

Matt McGunagle

Founder, Strength Portal

“I love this book! It really helps me stay on track especially with my daily goals. This book also helps me figure myself out. What is really important to me? What things do I prioritize? When I have a bad day how do I cope and deal with it? What is the real reason I’m doing what I’m doing? This book goes with me everywhere. I fill it out every day and night. I couldn’t thank the authors of this book more because I really believe that I will reach my long team goals (1-3 years) with the help of this planner!”

Daria Daspin

Coach & Personal Trainer, Star Athletics

“I’ve always been a big fan of writing my daily goals down in physical form. I used to use an agenda for my daily activities, a separate book for my goals, and it ends up being quite a bit to carry around. Thanks to The Hustlers Success Planner i have it all in one. A daily motivating quote, keeping track of what I’m thankful for, space to constantly remind myself of the bigger dream, and a detailed hour by hour daily plan to ensure i stay on track… A great product.”

Steven Sugrim

Industrial Firefighter, Fire Safety Team

How Many Success Stories Do You Need To Hear Before You Create Your Own?

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Did You Know That A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish?

You really can accomplish anything you want in life… as long as you have a gameplan. Let us help you come up with that plan and more importantly, motivate you enough to put it into action!

Got Questions? No Worries, We’ve Got Answers!

"Who's Behind This Madness? I Don't Want Success Advice From Chumps!"

We hear you! The Hustler’s Success Planner was created by two guys who simply want to see you succeed: Martin Dasko and Sahil Mulla. Not only do each of us run our own successful on-line businesses, but we are the hosts of a popular podcast called Do You Even Hustle.

It’s a show where we interview some of the top entrepreneurs in the world while giving you access to insights that are currently working in our own respective businesses.

You’ll hear about what worked, what didn’t and how you can learn from our pain. In just over a month our show hit the top charts of the new and noteworthy list in iTunes followed by raving reviews.

In short, The Hustler’s Success Planner isn’t some hack-job money grab put together by a bunch of dudes who are pretending to be successful by posting pictures of expensive watches on Instagram. We created the planner for us. It’s a system we’ve been using for a long time because it has had a dramatic effect on our lives… and so we figured it was time to let everyone have access to it.

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"What If I Don't Like It? Do You Offer A Guarantee?"

While that’s highly unlikely, the short answer is yes. You can contact Amazon directly and tell them you’re unhappy with your purchase and they’ll either reimburse you or give you a credit. But more importantly, first shoot us an email explaining why and how we can make it right. This planner isn’t about us, it’s about you. We want it to be your last stop when it comes to helping you achieve your goals, and we’ll do what it takes to help you get there.

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"What Happens After 60 Days?"

Well hopefully, you’ll have achieved what you set out to accomplish. But it doesn’t stop there. The Hustler’s Success Planner isn’t some rah-rah product that gives you a short-term motivational high so you can pull yourself together now, then fall apart later. We carefully guide you towards helping you achieve your long term vision as well. After the first 60 days, we’re confident you’ll want to re-up for the next 60. But don’t take our word for it, put it to the test yourself.

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"If This Works So Well, Will You Create An App For It?"

Nope! And nor do we plan on creating an app. You see, there’s real science behind why we force you to write things down. Inside the planner, we talk more about the fascinating research that was conducted which showed why writing by hand is superior to typing. You’ll be shocked and amazed!

But you know what’s even more impressive? While the average person has drooled over the latest and greatest gadgets released in the last few decades, the most successful people in the world kept it simple. They wrote things down by handTurns out they weren’t being “old school”…  they were just doing what was effective. And that’s why they make the big bucks.

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"Is This A Subscription? Will I Have To Worry About Unwanted Charges?"

Heck no. We hate unwanted subscriptions just as much as you do! So regardless of which package you choose, all 3 require only a one time payment; the advertised price plus the shipping cost (rates will change based on your location). There are no other charges that you need to worry about.

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"What Do We Discuss During The Skype Call?"

The Skype consultation is all about helping you succeed. This means we will spend the first few minutes getting to know you, and what your goals are. From there, you will be given a step-by-step game plan to put into action. It doesn’t matter whether you have a business and want to increase sales, or if you’re someone who finally wants to lose the flab around your belly and get in shape. We’re not here to judge your goals, only to help you accomplish them. But it doesn’t end there! We will be following up with you over the next few weeks to make sure you stay on track. Think of it as life-coaching that doesn’t suck! 

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Did We Forget Something?

Is there a question we didn’t cover that’s just burning you up? Still want to know whether or not our Success Planner is right for you? Then don’t be shy, click the button below to get in touch. We’re happy to help!

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this page is accurate, you agree to understand that the results demonstrated on this website are not typical. The product itself cannot do anything without you taking action. It takes real work to achieve your goals – whatever they may be. As such, you agree to not hold, Martin Dasko, Sahil Mulla and our affiliates responsible for your lack of results. The product on this page is sold as-is and for entertainment purposes. If you’d like to use it as a tool, then it’s your responsibility to do so, and wield the tool to its maximum efficiency. If you do not agree to these terms, do not buy the product.

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