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frustrated_phone_smartphone_womanIt’s happened again — an app that I love using dearly has been completely ruined!

Unnecessary features, un-intuitive UI changes and a complete lack of optimization has resulted in the app becoming bloated and annoying to use.

Now before you start saying how I should upgrade my hardware or adapt to change, just know that I run a phone with Snapdragon’s 800 series processor (top of the line).

Trust me, it’s anything but slow. And yet, SnapChat performs like garbage and turns my phone scorching hot to the touch.

I’m not alone either.

A recent petition on proves that over 1 million users agree with me, and are not happy. Kylie Jenner happens to be one of them… if that means anything.

So what’s SnapChat’s response to all of this?

“Deal with it!” … basically speaking.

And you know what? Fine, I will.

I don’t have time to wait around for companies to get their shit together. And neither do you, I bet.

I’m about to show you how to roll back to a SnapChat build that is stable and runs with the UI we both know and love.

I’ve tested many versions, and the one I settled on was 10.20.5.

If you roll back further, things get even better (mostly) but then you’re giving up a few too many features. This is fine if all you do is send pics and video, but I wanted to find a balance.

Few things you should know:

  • You do not need a phone that’s unlocked or rooted (yay!)
  • If you’re iPhone user, you’re SOL (sorry)

Alright let’s hop to it

Step 1: Allow Apps To Be Installed

Depending on the version of Android you’re running, this step will differ slightly, but not by much. Go to settings > security > unknown sources (make sure this is turned on)

Step 2: Download A File Browsing App

I recommend Root Browser. However, there are others such as File Commander which will work as well. You need something that lets you explore the files on your device. If you already have an app like this then you can skip this step.

Step 3: Download the SnapChat APK file

An “apk” file is what Android recognizes as an app. I’ve made the exact version of SnapChat available VIA Google Drive link right here. Either download this directly to your phone, or download it to your computer, then upload the .apk file on your device.

Step 4: Uninstall SnapChat & Install the APK

Whatever current version of SnapChat you have on your phone, get rid of it. Then fire up Root Browser (or whatever file browsing app you prefer) and locate the .apk file you just downloaded. Click on it and press “install”. Android will now install the app just like any other. Once complete, fire it up and enjoy!

(Optional) Step 5: Let SnapChat Know

It seems that there’s some unwritten law of the universe where every app that becomes popular forgets what made it great in the first place and ends up turning into a disappointment.

What made SnapChat awesome was that it was, well… snappy to use! Of course, they’re a “business” now and apparently the user experience is not as high of a priority as stuffing the app with features till it bloats itself to the brim. Let ’em know this is not ok by tweeting their support account (@snapchatsupport) and be sure to rate them a one or two star on the Play store till they get their act together. Without you, the user, they cannot exist.

Enjoyed this guide? Don’t forget to share it with your fellow Android users. Happy Snapping!

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